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All our bone problems aren't the same. Physical problems differ from one person to the other, and that is why we have custom orthotics services for you.

Patient-Physician Shared Experiences

Being a woman I had a constant back pain and that is when I started taking physiotherapy treatment and now I am free of my problems.
Sophie Grant
I met with an accident and I doctors felt that my bone would stay the same way forever. But with the help of this Physio Care centre I received the right help at the right time.
James Stinger
When it comes to my kids, I always am concerned about their health and medical preferences. That is why I choose physio care and they have never disappointed me.
Amy Winter

Latest Health Updates

The Health Benefits of Sleep

When thinking about sleep, you’re probably thinking, ah, I could have more of that… Living in today’s fast-paced world, being so busy, many wish to have the opportunity to get more sleep. Sleeping is not just something we enjoy, but also a major necessity of our daily lives with an importance that needs to be addressed. It boosts your mood, keeps your health in check, prevents ageing, and prevents illness. It helps maintain a healthy weight, benefits your heart and overall adds to a healthy wellbeing and lifestyle. Sleeping also reduces stress and allows the body to reset after a long day of work.

What sleep does for your health

  • Improves memory

Although it might completely slip your mind, your mind does not shut off when you sleep. In fact, when you sleep, your mind strengthens the memories and practices the skills you’ve learned when you were awake. This process is also referred to as consolidation. This point of practice includes both physical and mental skills that you may have acquired throughout the day. Thus, the more sleep you get, the more likely you are to remember what you have learned during the day. This information then is stored in a more active part of your brain that helps the information stay relevant and fresh.

  • More sleep helps curb inflammation

If inflammation is caused by a lack of sleep, you’ll want to get more, as too little could eventually lead to stroke, diabetes, arthritis, premature ageing, and heart disease. Sleeping less than 6 hours a night could substantially increase the inflammatory proteins in your blood, which also adds to further health problems. A protein, known as the C-reactive protein, is also increased by a lack of sleep and is mostly linked to increased heart attack risk. Furthermore, sleep deprivation also increases blood pressure. The bottom line? Don’t compromise on getting more shut-eye.

  • Sleeping more can help you live longer

Since we’re talking about the negative factors of getting too little sleep, getting both too little, as well as too much sleep can shorten your lifespan. According to a study, the death rate of women aged between 50 and 79 were noticeably higher when getting below 6 hours of sleep at night.

  • This lack also spurs creativity

Apart from strengthening your brain, sleep also restructures your creativity and innovative patterns. Getting more sleep will ultimately improve the productivity of the neurons in the creative part of your brain and help you with finishing that book or painting that masterpiece.

Apart from all the major listed reasons why you should be getting more sleep, it also improves your grades, helps you think more clearly, improves fitness and physical performance, stamina, decreases that midday fatigue, decreases your BMI and keeps your attention sharp. If you’re going to do anything for your health, regarding improvement, ditch the medication and start with getting some more sleep.

The Healthiest Foods for Your Health

If you think about food, the ideal thought that comes to mind is pizza, fries, or that scrumptious burger. Let’s face it, you were not just thinking about carrots… Nor anything green, and that’s just cause you’re human. Be honest, no one in the history of mankind could possibly say, I feel like a carrot… or some broccoli. Not if they had the choice to eat anything they like that is.

Although these foods sound good, if you’re looking at your health, you might want to rethink them. See, this is where the carrot comes into play. It’s not like you can say that fried anything is going to up your eyesight.

It’s been established that in most cases, people eat healthy because they have to. Some find it rather unpleasant and tend to think sometimes, why bother if you don’t like it?

While it might be more difficult to make the switch to a healthy lifestyle, it’s a choice that you won’t regret along the line. When looking at what junk food does to your body, in comparison to what certain healthy foods can add to your body, you’ll soon find and experience the effects that eating healthy has on your body.

See, unlike junk food, each and every ingredient, when it comes to healthy eating, has some sort of magic or per say… special power, that allows you to feel your ultimate best and add to your health. Overall, it prevents diseases, keeps your weight in check, protects your heart and organs, makes your skin glow and boosts your energy.

The top 10 healthiest foods to incorporate into your diet

  1. Try a lemon – One lemon adds up to 100% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C. In addition, this also increases HDS cholesterol and assists in strengthening your bones. The substance of citrus flavonoid, found in these superfoods, will assist in inhibiting the growth of potential cancer cells and acts as an inflammatory.
  2. Broccoli – Eating only one medium broccoli contains 100% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin K and 200% of the necessary vitamin C. Both are considered bone-building nutrients which is essential for your bone health. Broccoli also protects your body against many different cancers.
  3. Dark Chocolate – Now this one might interest you more… Though it’s not as sweet, dark chocolate can be just as good. It’s health benefits most definitely are. It lowers your blood pressure and contains a lot of antioxidants that reduce LDL cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol. The cocoa mass in dark chocolate also contains flavonoids and is the main source of nutrients in dark chocolate. The bigger percentage of cocoa mass, the healthier the chocolate.
  4. Potatoes – As a vegetable, potatoes have been thought to be the black sheep of the family. This, however, is false. The starchy potato (not the fry version) contains 66 micrograms of cell-building folate. It has the same amount of nutrients as a cup of spinach or broccoli.

The sweet potato version also contains a lot of benefits with eight times more cancer-fighting and immune boosting qualities than almost any other vegetable.

Whether you like them, or not, introducing these healthy foods into your diet will spur a major change in your health and protect you against radicals and illness.

At least it includes chocolate!

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