When thinking about sleep, you’re probably thinking, ah, I could have more of that… Living in today’s fast-paced world, being so busy, many wish to have the opportunity to get more sleep. Sleeping is not just something we enjoy, but also a major necessity of our daily lives with an importance that needs to be addressed. It boosts your mood, keeps your health in check, prevents ageing, and prevents illness. It helps maintain a healthy weight, benefits your heart and overall adds to a healthy wellbeing and lifestyle. Sleeping also reduces stress and allows the body to reset after a long day of work.

What sleep does for your health

  • Improves memory

Although it might completely slip your mind, your mind does not shut off when you sleep. In fact, when you sleep, your mind strengthens the memories and practices the skills you’ve learned when you were awake. This process is also referred to as consolidation. This point of practice includes both physical and mental skills that you may have acquired throughout the day. Thus, the more sleep you get, the more likely you are to remember what you have learned during the day. This information then is stored in a more active part of your brain that helps the information stay relevant and fresh.

  • More sleep helps curb inflammation

If inflammation is caused by a lack of sleep, you’ll want to get more, as too little could eventually lead to stroke, diabetes, arthritis, premature ageing, and heart disease. Sleeping less than 6 hours a night could substantially increase the inflammatory proteins in your blood, which also adds to further health problems. A protein, known as the C-reactive protein, is also increased by a lack of sleep and is mostly linked to increased heart attack risk. Furthermore, sleep deprivation also increases blood pressure. The bottom line? Don’t compromise on getting more shut-eye.

  • Sleeping more can help you live longer

Since we’re talking about the negative factors of getting too little sleep, getting both too little, as well as too much sleep can shorten your lifespan. According to a study, the death rate of women aged between 50 and 79 were noticeably higher when getting below 6 hours of sleep at night.

  • This lack also spurs creativity

Apart from strengthening your brain, sleep also restructures your creativity and innovative patterns. Getting more sleep will ultimately improve the productivity of the neurons in the creative part of your brain and help you with finishing that book or painting that masterpiece.

Apart from all the major listed reasons why you should be getting more sleep, it also improves your grades, helps you think more clearly, improves fitness and physical performance, stamina, decreases that midday fatigue, decreases your BMI and keeps your attention sharp. If you’re going to do anything for your health, regarding improvement, ditch the medication and start with getting some more sleep.

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